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Welcome to TechJobs

Posted by | November 20, 2017 | News

I guess, a proper introduction is appropriate. Welcome to TechJobs, the official job board of KabayanTech, a tech site aggregator that focuses on the different startup and tech news in the Philippines.

I was not suppose to create a job board with its own domain, I originally plan to just develop a small job board under the subdomain, fortunately the domain TechJobs.Ph is available. Though someone previously owned the domain but for some reason decided to just let the domain expire and its online properly remain untouched.

I plan to just let the website grow organically and hopefully be the “defacto” job board for job seekers and companies who are looking to for qualified candidates for their open positions.

Using the website is free, though there are advantages of course if you available of the paid subscription. Job postings will also appear on KabayanTech, so you can be sure that your job postings will have all the exposure that it needs.